Scars: Incomplete

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Band Name In Slumber
Album Name Scars: Incomplete
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 23 März 2007
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen5


1. Seduce My Sentenced Pain 04:38
2. One Bullet for One Aeon 03:55
3. Hate Dominated 04:12
4. My Pain Shall Be Done 04:51
5. All Demons Entwine Me 03:17
6. In Pain 03:34
7. Newborn Deathchild 03:20
8. Scars: Incomplete 04:22
9. Snow Bleeding Summer 03:56
10. Virus Embraced 04:15
11. Passion Stabwounded 03:53
Total playing time 44:13

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Review @ dranoel

27 November 2010
Linz, Upper Austria’s capital, carries the surname „Steel City“, thus the perfect home for a Metal band, isn’t it? ;) IN SLUMBER forges the second hot iron after the brilliant predecessor Stillborn Rebirth. It is well-nigh unbelievable and frightening how many first-class melodies gather on this release, combined with enormous joy in playing and powerful arrangements.
From the first second of the opening track Seduce My Sentenced Pain, the driving, melodic mixture captures me. Genial melodies go together with untamed impact, the breaks are set this skillful that one does barely get aware of them – and the songs gleam in full force. Jack-of-all-trades Wolfgang Rothbauer adopts his voice at best, no matter if in screeched, dark growled or whispered manner – he meliorates the eleven compositions in passionate style.
There is heart blood and artificial passion behind it, I can feel it with every single note, with every meticulous elaborated detail. It is impressing how technical claims and passages to bang one’s head interlock, the tracks paste into the auditory canals scourging forward irresistibly. The guitars’ cues appeal exceedingly filigree and are provided with some delicacies (just listen to One Bullet For One Aeon and marvel). For most of the time IN SLUMBER pound in sluggish to upscale mid tempo, always precisely, sometimes stamping, then blast beats may follow. The band does not forget to insert some slower parts to add extra efficiency to the tracks. To top it all off, all songs are crowned by resistless refrains, sensational!
After the enjoyment of musical grenades like All Demons Entwine Me or In Pain (sorrow seems to be a fundamental inspiration’s font) the brightest of all gems on this silver piece follows on position eight: the title track Scars: Incomplete. Concerning this composition, a fan wrote in a forum: the Upper Austrians should be awarded for the “Death Metal medal in gold” therefore… I can’t express my feelings better!!! According to this, it would be a pity, if these exceptionally talented artists stay reserved for a small insider group. IN SLUMBER is able to play in the upper league with Hypocrisy striking up this way. I hope that the label Massacre Records will pull out all the stops to promote this troop.
Yes, I am full of commendation for Scars: Incomplete and I do not find any feebleness, neither the vocals, nor the instrumentation or the diversity. Catchiness, overwhelming vehemence and ingenious rhythmic changes emboss this first-class album. After the cool bouncer Passion Stabwounded, IN SLUMBER may bow low with great éclat and conclude a stirring, musical highly precious work of art! Congratulations!!!

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