Round 13

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Band Name Krokus
Album Name Round 13
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 1999
Musik GenreHard Rock
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen41


1. Heya 04:18
2. Money Back 04:33
3. Break Free 03:45
4. Guitar Rules 03:00
5. Blood Comes Easy 04:53
6. Suck My Guitar 03:57
7. Gipsy Love 04:46
8. Whitchhunt 04:01
9. Backstabber 04:18
10. Wild Times 03:16
Total playing time 40:47

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Review @ burritobrother

30 Juli 2008
When "Round 13" appeared in 1999, it suffered a sad fate.

Many longtime Krokus fans were too eager to slam the album (most of whom probably hadn't even listened to it), while the majority of the general hard rock community were never even aware of the cd's existence due to poor promotion.
As with many of the releases from veteran bands that are widely knocked by their fanbase, "Round 13" has virtually disappeared from the rock landscape and where it is noted, it's met with indifference or generic criticism.

So why was "Round 13" such a disappointment to Krokus fans?

How bad does this have to be, anyway, to irritate the same listeners who actually love the usual non-original, AC-DCish, by-the-numbers pop-metal of the German B-listers known worldwide as Krokus ?

"Pretty bad" would be the general guess to that purposely provocative question (but thats not the correct answer).
In truth, "Round 13" isn't bad at all. It's actually the finest album those Krokus boys have ever unleashed and likely ever will.
They manage to forge their own sound, and refuse to rest on past glories ; A cd so very much of it's own unique style that this is about as far from, say, their supposed peak of "One Vice at a Time" as their supposed low of "Heart Attack" was from "Krokus" ('76 debut).
There may not be anything on "Round 13" that will go down as a true unabashed timeless classic, but it's still leagues ahead of the usual Krokus

So why, then is the cd so berated ?

Easy. It's the lineup.
Ah, there ! It's Fernando von Arb, longtime bassist Many Maurer and new guys Carl Sentance on vocals, Peter Haas on drums and Chris Lauper on guitar. No Marc Storace.

Thats it. Thats the entire reason.

This sort of lineup shuffle had occurred on one prior Krokus album, 1990's "Stampede", perhaps not coincidentally the second best thing Krokus has done.
Pretty sad. But that doesn't mean you, the one reading this review, has to believe the album's detractors or even me.

But if you don't check out "Round 13" for yourself, you really won't know, will you ?
It really is a great cd. I can recommend this to anyone who likes eccentric hard rock !!

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