Room 101

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Band Name The1984
Album Name Room 101
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 01 Oktober 2011
Labels Fakto Records
Musik GenreStoner
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen1


1. Julia
2. Too Late
3. Slantwise
4. The Wall
5. Glass Breaker
6. On the Lake
7. The Embrace
8. Cycle
9. The Legacy
10. Such a Call
11. Skywards
12. Room 101

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Review @ Nastasia

11 November 2011

Highly entertaining and catchy

Old school combined with modern elements, groovy yet striking riffs – those are the strongest points of The 1984. You can hardly say that the lyrics would be complex in any particular way or that the melodies would cause an avalanche of emotions, but listening to Room 101 is highly entertaining and every song is catchy in its specific way.

As well as most rock’n’roll bands, The 1984 doesn’t try to catch listener’s attention by giving him some world-shaking message, the whole theme pattern is pretty much nothing unusual – hate, lust, sadness, despair, luckily all stripped from melodrama. It’s nothing amazingly original, but when you accompany it with catchy riffs and groovy rhythms, after a while you find yourself nodding to the song and mumble the lyrics along with it.

The other strong side of this album above all is its variety of implicated elements which makes every song alive and entertaining. An acoustic On the Lake lacks all the cliché that most acoustic songs use and that works only well. On the other hand you get another extreme, with growling vocals and almost death metal riffs. The good point is that whichever direction the album goes, the band’s signature sound is so strong and dominant that you don’t feel like you’re listening to a compilation instead of one piece of work, which happens quite often when a band tries to show all its range in one release.

What has to be also mentioned is that musically the chemistry between the band members works perfectly. The songs are perfectly balanced when it comes to all instruments. Sometimes it is really annoying when every song of the album is only about guitar solo/drum solo/vocals and the rest is suppressed, and fortunately this is not the case. Yes, when you concentrate, you can admire the skills of every single musician, but in general nothing is disturbing so enjoying the album as a whole comes as the most natural thing.

It is hard to point out any flaws of this work, if there are any, what is still truth though is that despite all the effort given by the band to this release there is still a space for a progress and improvement. There is nothing you would miss while listening to Room 101 – the vocals are perfectly skilled and combined, the melodies are catchy and the riffs and rhythms very lively; but still, finishing listening to this album gives an impression that you can get much more from the band, and I am sure that we will.

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