Remnants of a Diabolical History

Liste der Bands Death Metal Nominon Remnants of a Diabolical History
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Band Name Nominon
Album Name Remnants of a Diabolical History
Type Compilation
Erscheinungsdatum 2006
Musik GenreDeath Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen7


1. Blaspheming the Dead (Previously Unreleased Version)
2. Invocation (from the 7" EP)
3. Live for Violence (Previously Unreleased Voivod Cover)
4. Cemetary of Life (from Promo '97)
5. Servants of the Moonlight (Previously Unreleased Re-Recorded Version)
6. Diabolical Bloodshed (Previously Unreleased)
7. Spit on Your Grave (Whiplash Cover, from the 12" LP)
8. Blessed by Fire (from the 7" EP)
9. Genocide (Previously Unreleased Version)
10. Decomposed (Repulsion Cover, from the K7/EP 2003)
11. Sodom's Fall (from Promo '97)