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Band Name Betraying The Martyrs
Album Name Rapture
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 13 September 2019
Musik GenreDeathcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen30


 Eternal Machine
 The Iron Gates
 The Sound of Letting You Go
 The Swarm

Total playing time: 41:00

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Kommentar @ desolate23

10 Dezember 2019

Deathcore Mediocrity

Our former Christian Deathcore group Betraying the Martyrs is back at it again with their new full length LP, Rapture. Once visualized to become a titan in the Deathcore scene with their first EP being pretty solid and their freshman record, Breathe in Life, being an absolute banger. At some point, their discography took a bit of a downturn with Phantoms being bland and formulaic but serviceable. Taking aspects from Metalcore and other contemporary metalcore artists. Their album prior to this, The Great Disillusion, is where they changed their message entirely with adding swear words throughout the album, which sounded pretty much like a 3 year old saying the word "fuck" at a family get together and everyone staring awkwardly. Overall that album did fair a bit better than Phantom, even if it was awkward. That brings us to this album.

The overall flow of the album is sort of wonky at best with the intro track not even cohesively following into the second track. Eternal Machine was a pretty solid single and is one of the better tracks on this album. It's heavy, it's sludgy, Aaron actually feels comfortable here and the clean vocals are good.

The second track, Down, is where this album takes a turn for the worse and basically becomes the generic, uninspired Deathcore song we've been exposed to for the passed few years. If I didn't know this song was by Betraying the Martyrs, I would've assumed this was a Thy Art is Murder single done way worse. Guess you could say it went down in quality.

The next track is The Iron Gates which at moments have a bit of that old school Martyrs sound. It's a lot better than Down but it does have issues. For example, the clean vocals sounded garbled and messy, the guitar work is basic and overproduced and a bit too clean for a Deathcore record. Maybe they were trying to tap into their Metalcore vibe here, I don't know.

The second single Parasite is a light in the darkness because it's fair. It's a highlight much like Eternal Machine was. It isn't nearly as sludgy and heavy, but it does well enough to pass as a decent track.

The Sound of Letting You Go is about the death of a loved one which is not unusual for Metal in general but here it seems like he's victim blaming in the first verse then takes a step back and insults himself for it then goes right back to the blaming. It's super weird. It's overall forgettable, Aaron still hasn't mastered the art of swearing.

The Swarm is the next track and it's another alright track. It has this weird pause in the middle of the chorus before they say the word "die". This song is basically Eternal Machine written twice, just replace war machine with impoverished economic situations. It's not bad. Aaron, by the second verse, has an improvement in vocal quality then goes straight back into the stained vocal structure. This song has an actual breakdown at the end.

Monster legit sounds like a heavy Disturbed track taking influence from the David Draimen handbook of speedy vocals. The Nu Metal lyric structure is interesting but it doesn't really fit here. The riffs too. They sound like Disturbed during Ten Thousand Fists. We actually get a piano solo here which isn't too bad.

Imagine is average. Aaron taking more from the metalcore guidebook. For some reason the clean vocals are distorted and sound like they are coming out of a McDonald's drive thru box. It's an odd choice considering he is one of the better parts of the album. It makes no sense why they have this here. It's average.

Incarcerated is the second to last track on the album and it couldn't be any blander. This song is barely 3 minutes and it's particularly boring. Just garbled mess of instruments that don't cohesively work. Overproduced guitar work, drums are a highligh but kinda slow down. Aaron is even more distorted than ever.

Rapture, the final track, is an environmental message about global warming. Which is fine but I suppose context is in order to actually discuss the track. The instruments overtake the vocals on this song and actually aren't too bad. They're still overproduced but they go out with a bang here, even if the bang is sort of a blank. It's okay.

All in all, Rapture is an overly produced mangle of instruments and worn out vocals. The song writing is formulaic and bland. This album has a few highlights, with Eternal Machine being the best track on here, and the small glimmer of inspiration here and there only to be overshadowed by the band's lack of cohesive songwriting. This is a 11/20.

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