Process of Progress

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Band Name Lethal Halo
Album Name Process of Progress
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 15 April 2011
Labels Self-Released
Musik GenreMelodic Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen1


1. Descension
2. End of Days
3. Infected
4. Struggle
5. Constantine
6. Apathy
7. Lost in the Labyrinth
8. Sovereignty
9. Necessary War
10. Why Bleed for You

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Lethal Halo

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Review @ Nastasia

21 September 2011

Pleasantly listenable but with a great potential

If I had to sum up the second release of Canadian melodic band Lethal Halo in few words, I would say this: very pleasantly listenable. For those who prefer music that doesn’t go into extremes this is the right album for everyday listening. Unfortunately, there is one important extreme missing – I can hardly tell that the album is extremely good. Is it bad though? No, not at all. Process in Progress is in many ways an exceptional piece of work. When it comes to lyrics, technical parts and vocals, it all is on a much higher level than average.

Versatility of the vocal range used is quite outstanding – the growling is interlaced with shouting which is suddenly turned into whispering and occasional female vocals give the songs, especially Struggle, a tiny tinge of gothic atmosphere. Yes, melodic metal has an advantage of a wide range of possibilities to experiment and the band obviously did it. However, unlike most bands who choose this kind of experimental path Process of Progress sounds very complex and even.

But not all songs on this album are overly melodic. With the catchy riffs and distinctive vocals Lethal Halo could stand even a strong competition among hardcore bands. Not that I want to label this band as hardcore, but no matter if it was intended or not, you can hear some hardcore influence in it. But even if you are one of these who think hardcore is “gay,” then I have some good news for you – this album has all its aspects in a perfect equilibrium.

What is a good sign about this album and the whole work of this band is the fact that their songs don’t stuck in your head (which can be pretty annoying sometimes) but still when you listen to them with a time distance, you can find out that you still remember them. In this album the band managed to present their signature sound in an admirably decent way which is something many other bands usually learn with time, if ever of course.

To finish it all – would I recommend this album? The answer is definitely yes. But all metal connoisseurs I would recommend to wait for another album. Listening to this one I cannot find a thing to criticize but the strongest impression from this album is that the band can do much better. It is hard not to see or better hear such talent but still the band has reserves and if they use them it is clear that the result will be mind-blowing.

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