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Band Name Woodscream
Album Name Pentadrama
Type EP
Erscheinungsdatum 16 August 2010
Musik GenreFolk Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen7


 Abbot John
 Black Death
 Ballad About Shannon River

Total playing time: 17:05

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Review @ metalwahine

03 Mai 2011

they are accessible with catchy riffs and many hooks that will captivate the listener

One of the reasons I love reviewing metal bands is because I get the opportunity to hear music from all around the world and find some of the most unique bands that I would otherwise not know of. That is exactly what Woodscream is, most would label them as folk metal but they have many more layers than that. Although they are accessible with catchy riffs and many hooks that will captivate the listener.

The songs explore a great deal of melody and aggression with Valentina’s vocals that are occasionally backed by Alexander’s black metal growls both complimenting each other greatly. Anastasia’s talents on violin is one of the things that is truly captivating, she carries an amazing talent bringing raw passion into the music. All the songs are sung in Russian which may turn off some listeners but to me it makes the tracks even more intriguing.

The third track is haunting with both Valentina and Alexander’s vocals playing off each other and very chilling violin being played in the background. The fourth track takes off at a charging speed with killer guitar and drum work supplied by Alexander and Pavel. The harmonies in the chorus on the last track are remarkable and carried with tremendous power.

It’s refreshing to hear new talent coming more and more these days especially in this genre of metal. “Pentadrama” is a great EP that shows off Woodscream’s capabilities to deliver brutal metal that is full of rhythm and melody. I am hoping they get the recognition that they deserve so we can hear more of them in the near future!


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