Over Now, London Rehearsals

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Band Name Coverdale Page
Album Name Over Now, London Rehearsals
Type Bootleg
Erscheinungsdatum 1993
Labels kein bekanntes Label
Musik GenreHeavy Rock
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen0


Recorded live at the Unknown Venue, London, United Kingdom, 1993
1. Absolution Blues
2. Slide It in
3. Rock and Roll
4. Over Now
5. Kashmir
6. Pride 'n' Joy
7. Take a Look at Yourself
8. Take Me for a Little While
9. In My Time of Dying
1. Here I Go Again
2. Don't Leave Me This Way
3. Feelin' Hot
4. Still of the Night
5. Whisper a Prayer
6. Black Dog
7. Shake My Tree

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