My Name Will Live on

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Band Name Doomsword
Album Name My Name Will Live on
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 22 Juni 2007
Musik GenreHeavy Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen19


1. Death of Ferdia 07:24
2. Gergovia 05:58
3. Days of High Adventure 04:29
4. Steel of My Axe 04:08
5. Claidheamh Solais (Sword of Light) 06:44
6. Thundercult 05:19
7. Luni 04:53
8. Once Glorious 08:22
9. The Great Horn 07:34
Total playing time 54:51

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Review @ Aronax

03 August 2007
Hard working Italian band Doomsword is back! This fantastic band released their new 4th full length album epicly called 'My Name Will Live on' released for Dragonheart Records.

I must admit I was so exited when I received this album that I feard to put it in CD player. After fantastic 'Let Battle Commence' I doubt they will release something with equal quality, but I was so wrong, and I am more than glad for that! Whole albums is mid tempo epic/doom/power metal, but ti is nothing new, somehow they play this kind of metal for many years now.'My Name Will Live on' contains 9 hymns with average play time of 5.30 minutes. Opening song 'Death Of Ferdia' showed that this band is taking step forward with every single album. Song is opened with well known Doomsword guitar riffs, powerful and melodic, Deathmaster's voice is chanting and singing with unbelievble power. Nothing new, some would say, but it is not like that, whole song is covered with awesome guitar riffs, virtuos solos, acoustic guitars and fantastic vocals. Every next song is story for itself, 'Gergovia' is singing abot battle between Romans and Ghals, song is opened with acoustic guitars and Deathmaster's glorious chant, then melancolic solo and sharps riffs are totaly taking your mind onto fields of Gergovia. My favorite song is 'Claidheamh Solais (Sword Of Light)', again, we can here one more fantastic riff charachteristic for this band, fantastic. What really cheered me up are great solos during whole album, that wasn't the case on previous albums and obviously they decidd to change that aspect ion this release.

Lyrics themes are similar like before: battle, glory, history, myths... But this time they will tell you fantastic stories about battles, mostly between Ghals and Romans, but also they will tell us about honour, glory, pride, somehow typical but I am never tired of those themes.

Production is very good, quite similar to previous albums, and I got impression that they wanted to production go in theat way. I am not suprised by that, atmosphere on album is fantastic, with sharp guitar riffs, and fantasticly mixed and produced vocals, all instruments are sounding very nice, the main goal is achieved and all complains would be neccesary.

All in all, this is another epic release from this cult band, that will at least statisfy all of their old fans and surely bring some new, my advice, turn off your PC, get out of your appartment and ran into closest CD shop and grab this album, enjoy!

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