Music for a Slaughtering Tribe II

Liste der Bands Industrial Electro Wumpscut Music for a Slaughtering Tribe II
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Band Name Wumpscut
Album Name Music for a Slaughtering Tribe II
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 17 Februar 1997
Musik GenreIndustrial Electro
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen7


1. Soylent Green
2. Fear in Motion
3. Concrete Rage
4. Bleed
5. Koslow
6. On the Run
7. Believe in Me
8. She´s Dead
9. Rotten Meat
10. Float
11. Default
12. My Life
13. The Day's Distain
14. Dudek
1. Fear in Motion (Remyl Remix)
2. She's Dead (Kirlian Camera Remix)
3. Soylent Green (Haujobb Remix)
4. Fear in Motion (Haujobb Remix)
5. Dudek (Brain Leisure Remix)
6. Default (Aghast View Remix)
7. Float (Dive Remix)
8. Soylent Green (Brain Leisure Remix)

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