Morbid Embracement

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Band Name Agnostic
Album Name Morbid Embracement
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum Januar 2012
Labels Self-Released
Musik GenreBrutal Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen2


1. Pyschotic Mission of Death 02:28
2. Submerge in Gore 03:15
3. One Final Mutilation 01:39
4. Acrisia 03:43
5. Morbid Embracement 03:22
6. Blood Ridden Epitaph 03:25
7. Beneath the Frozen Depth 03:47
8. Maggot Infest 02:39
Total playing time 24:18

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Review @ heavymetaltribune

05 Mai 2012

an extremely safe style of death metal

The Indian metal scene is rather active and surprising lately, spitting out bands after bands with awesome release, whether it is in the form of old school heavy metal such as Albatross' latest split, or in its more extreme variants such as Exhumation and Blood Meridian. Death metal band Agnostic joins the ranks of these bands,with the release of their debut full length album, Morbid Embracement.

Without giving any warning or chances at all, the band begins their onslaught right from the beginning with Pscyhotic Mission of Death with groovy yet brutal death metal riffs, galloping forward in full speed. Deep Das' vocals are gruff and brutal, alternating between low, gurgling and high-pitched growls, and drummer Mitul Boro punishes his kit relentlessly, with the punishing hits on the snare drums and the machine-gun like rattling on the bass drums. Guitarist Hemen also often litters the album with complex riffs, providing some sense of technicality to the music, such as on Submerge in Gore, breaking the monotony of the album. This is especially so on songs like Acrisia with the slow pace and the repetitive riff that lasts the entirety of the track, which is saved by the brilliant guitar solo that is included.

Throughout the album there is an almost grindcore feel with the short run times of most of the tracks and the straightforward song structures, though there is a significantly more brutal touch to the music. There are moments towards the end of the album when the volume of the music suddenly goes up before slowly going back down again, as if to awaken or surprise the listener who is drifting off, catching the listener unaware. Whether this was an intentional move on the part of the band or not, this certainly proved effective as the listener is often jolted awake on the first few listens of the album (though not necessarily in a good way all the time).

Morbid Embracement sees Agnostic attempting an extremely safe style of death metal, with most songs on the album utilising a rather standard form of playing, such as the regular chugging rhythm guitar that lasts throughout the album, resulting in an album with few memorable moments. The exception comes in the form of closing track Beneath the Frozen Depth which sees the band attempting a different style, with the clean guitars, the soothing melody and the growls providing a stark and unique contrast, displaying the innovation of the band and the potential of the band, and leaves one wondering why the band has chosen to stick to the tried, tested and overdone style of death metal.

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Crinn - 08 Mai 2012: When you say "safe style of death metal" you're talking about death metal in its purest generic form?
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