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Band Name The Obelisk
Album Name Microcosm
Type EP
Erscheinungsdatum 20 April 2013
Labels Self-Released
Musik GenreProgressive Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen3


1. Antipathy 03:29
2. Aperture 04:40
3. Microcosm 04:11
4. Genome 05:12
Total playing time 19:02

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The Obelisk

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Review @ Satanicarchangel

18 Juni 2013

Spacey Progressive Deathcore

Microcosm is a good E.P full of intense Djent, there are a lot of good moments on here and it’s definitely worth hunting down. Despite not being the most unique Djent I’ve ever heard, it does it really well and is really enjoyable to listen to.

Microcosm may not be the most technical Djent release, focusing on a more groovy sound similar to Volumes it does this extremely well. The E.P has some infectious grooves to it and some pretty wicked headbanging sections. The lighter elements add some soothing ambient undertones to the music, creating an excellent spacey atmosphere. The whole atmosphere of Microcosm feels like being trapped on a hostile alien world. The sound is spacey and atmospheric whilst still keeping the usual level of Deathcore heaviness and mixing it with some subtle progressive influences.

The guitar work in general is pretty excellent; at times I am reminded of The Contortionist’s Exoplanet during the heavier, less progressive sections. The lack of technicality isn’t a problem for me at all because the sound is full of wicked grooves and infectious rhythms. Thankfully breakdowns are used sparingly, and when they are used they’re done tastefully. They never halt the momentum of the songs and feel like a smooth transition rather than feeling disjointed. The track Aperture in particular has one of the best breakdowns I’ve heard, being tremendously heavy and groovy enough to inspire a moshing frenzy.

As well as the usual heaviness, there are some pretty phenomenal melodic sections as well. Aperture in particular has an excellent melodic section starting at around 2:20, there’s some pretty good electronic effects followed up by a melody that would fit perfectly in a song by The Contortionist.

That’s another thing; Microcosm is very similar to Exoplanet. The grooves are very similar and the atmosphere is similar, however Microcosm in general is much heavier than Exoplanet and there’s far less progressive elements. They still however are fairly similar in style and if you loved the heavier moments of Exoplanet then you’re guaranteed to like this.

If you’re a fan of spacey and progressive Deathcore then Microcosm is definitely worth getting. It may not be the most ground breaking release of all time but it’s really enjoyable and contains some excellent moments. The atmosphere is akin to being lost in some uncharted sector of the Universe adding a lot of depth and weight to the music. Overall Microcosm is a pretty good release and I’d definitely recommend it to Djent fans out there.

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