Lost in a Cold World

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Band Name Rainfall (ITA)
Album Name Lost in a Cold World
Type Demo
Erscheinungsdatum 2009
Labels Self-Released
Musik GenreMelodic Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen1


1. Burning Rust
2. Ethereal
3. Thorns

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Rainfall (ITA)

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Review @ JoeNoctus

15 Oktober 2009
Upon taking a first glance at this band, I could see immediately that this band have been trying hard to make a name for themselves, depending on their fans to transcend them to higher places. Hence now we have this demo, "Lost in a Cold World".

There are three relatively short songs on this demo, which strikes me as somewhat of a surprise. They are put in progressive metal, but I don't see much of a progressive influence in their music at all. From a progressive band, I was expecting songs around the length of 8 minutes, not five minutes. But it is beside the point, a demo is meant to show your bands sound for record companies and to gain interest from fans, so that is just my stupidly picky personality getting in the way. ;)

The first thing that came to me is how symphonic it is. It has a very high synth focus, more so than I would have thought by looking at their genres and pictures. I think they should use the term "symphonic" rather than melodic based on my personal judgements.

It's unfortunate that the synth sounds so artificial, which to some may seem as somewhat of an oxymoron. It sounds almost like it’s from a cheap keyboard; but nonetheless, it compliments the music well enough.

We start with the song "Burning Rust" which is probably my least favourite song due to the fact that I have a hard time associating Rainfall with metal. It sounds a lot more like gothic rock judging from this song. But it is fairly solid, and I can see it appealing to a certain audience. Unfortunately, that audience isn't me. It's very symphonic, which is always a good thing, but there isn't much to back it up with. I do love the acoustic guitars at the beginning of the song though.

Maybe it is the production that is giving me a hard time calling Rainfall metal, as the guitars in this demo are quite badly processed. I think with the sufficient funding, maybe I'd see how the songs were meant to be heard.

Each song on the album is really the same story as "Burning Rust". An acoustic start, an unconventional song structure (Which is good), with the female vocalist singing almost all the way through it. I enjoy the vocals on this album, but they do seem a little bit imperfect at times, but this is a demo and I can see that we have a talented singer here. The melodies in each song are quite good, well thought out and each instrument compliments these melodies very well to make a set of very solid pieces of music.

But it's disappointing that they call themselves metal, when I can't really separate them from gothic rock in this demo. Maybe this is due to the production being a little less guitar/drum focused than any other instrument. But I do see a promising future for Rainfall, and with the right equipment and record label, they really could become a formidable force. The musical quality is fairly good, and it's well written to the point where I could easily put them above other mainstream artists I hear nowadays. If Rainfall persevere, I can certainly see them on a record label as one of the leading artists on there. It's certainly promising.


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