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Band Name Structures
Album Name Life Through a Window
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 13 Mai 2014
Produced by Will Putney
Recorded at Machine Shop
Musik GenreMetalcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen12


1. Buried 03:04
2. Nothing to Lose 03:49
3. The Worst of Both Worlds (ft. Drew York of Stray From The Path) 03:20
4. My Conscience 03:36
5. Broken Telephone 03:51
6. Extinction 02:52
7. Alien 03:31
8. Requiem 04:20
9. Earth Gazing 03:37
10. Follower (ft. Adrian Fitipaldes of Northlane) 03:49
11. Life Through a Window 04:38
Total playing time 40:27

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Review @ VesselsOfBlood

12 Juni 2014

Progressive Punk-Hardcore

Canadian hardcore outfit Structures, formerly known as Charity's, was established in 2009 in Toronto. The group has definitely made its mark in the modern metal scene with their EP "All of the Above" and their first full-length album "Divided by." Next on their roster is their second full-length released in 2014 entitled "Life Through a Window."

The band's last album "Divided by" was rather decent, but its main problem was that it was overwhelmingly technical; there were bits and pieces of tracks jumbled together to the point where the music doesn't sink in that much. Luckily, "Life Through a Window" has removed this flaw from the map. The songs, while still technical, are much more concise and easy to follow. Because of this, the record has a nice balance between solidity and complexity.

In fact, this release takes advantage of this balance by integrating instrumental complexity into memorable passages that tie together rather seamlessly. The drums carry an impressive amount of power and the guitars possess a lot of crunch and melody, but they both also are performed in an intricate manner to keep the listener's attention.

"The Worst of Both Worlds" may be the best example of this formula. Right from the get-go, the track has a complicated but addictive groove thanks to the instrumental performances. Top it off with some raging vocals (In this song's case, being accompanied by a fitting guest appearance of Drew York of Stray From The Path), and you have an album that walks the line between aggression and intricacy quite smoothly.

Just like with the previous record, Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Will Putney has taken the reins in mixing this album. He has always done great production work for other bands such as Like Moths To Flames, Upon A Burning Body, and Texas In July, and this album is no exception. The atmosphere the mixing gives the music has a sort of cybernetic, sci-fi aura to it, which is very fitting for these distorted and technical songs.

As a follow-up to "Divided by," "Life Through a Window" is a major improvement, and as a stand-alone release, it's a very good listen. Both the music's technicality and vigor work off one another very nicely, and the end result is a very interesting and entertaining piece. While this album isn't very essential listening, it's still more than worth trying out. Structures has found its voice among the scene.

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