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Band Name Metal Mirror
Album Name I
Type Live
Erscheinungsdatum 2006
Musik GenreNWOBHM
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen1


Vinyl LP, limited to 500 copies.
Recorded live at the Dingwalls Club, Camden, London, England, United Kingdom, 15/06/1981
1. Tiger of the Street 05:21
2. English Booze 06:03
3. Running for a Living 06:15
4. Getting Higher 10:34
5. Rock an' Roll Ain't Never Gonna Leave Us 04:19
6. Hard Life 06:31
Total playing time 39:03
This album is dedicated to Chris Haggerty,
who sadly passed away in 2004... R.I.P. Chris.

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Metal Mirror

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