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Band Name Buried In Verona
Album Name Faceless
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 07 März 2014
Produced by Joey Sturgis
Musik GenreMetalcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen20


 The Breach
 Set Me on Fire
 The Damned
 Blind Eyes
 The Faceless (ft. Joey Sturgis)

Total playing time: 41:45

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Kommentar @ JadedNCHC

13 April 2014

I have definitely heard better

Well I decided to listen to Buried In Verona's 2014 album Faceless and I really wasn't that impressed. I haven't listened to a whole lot from these guys but I expected better with all the tours they've been apart of.

Well first the positive aspects on this album. The quality of it sounds great, so whoever mixed the album did a great job. The Singer in BIV actually has a decent voice, it isn't the greatest in the world but it is much better than a lot of today's metalcore scene. The vocalist who does the screams has a pretty solid tone. It isn't super heavy but it is heavy enough to fit the record and add some adrenaline to the music. The melody in most songs flow together pretty good for the most part. They definitely still have their generic breakdown parts but you can tell the music is not centered around 1 big breakdown. A lot of it is really centered around the more melodic singing parts.

The negative side of this album is really how soft the album is. The singing parts like I said earlier just have way too much focus. Most heavier bands tend to have a couple songs that don't let up and just stay heavy but this band is always going back to a melodic singing part and it starts to get pretty old after about half the album is over. A lot of the music is just overused and typical metalcore (I know it says Deathcore on the genre but I really wouldn't classify this as deathcore) so I really can't get into it too much. The constant singing and breakdown make a lot of the songs really blend into each other, the last thing I want an album to do is sound the same throughout it because that just gets way too boring. I don't think Faceless is a bad album, I just know it could have been better if they had maybe spent more time on writing the songs.

If I do have one track to recommend it would have to be Illuminate just because it is the one song that stuck out to me the most, It does have pretty much the same elements as most the other songs but it is much more catchy then most everything else. So I gave this album a 14 for being above average but not amazing.

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JessieLlewellyn - 23 Mai 2014: Totally agree, awesome review.
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