Eternal Black Dawn

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Band Name Omen (USA-1)
Album Name Eternal Black Dawn
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 2003
Musik GenreHeavy Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen22


1. 1000 Year Reign 04:01
2. Eternal Black Dawn 04:25
3. Burning Times 05:52
4. Blood Feud 03:42
5. House on Rue Royale 05:25
6. King of the Seven Seas 04:42
7. Chains or Delirium 03:54
8. Chaos in the Cathedral 05:10
9. The Specter of Battles Past (Medley) 07:30
Total playing time 44:41

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Kommentar @ MEIRecords

04 November 2008
In the noble tradition of crunchy riffs, screaming leads and leather-clad longhairs, Omen has managed to once again produce a gem worthy of the sacred horns. I refer, of course, to Eternal Black Dawn, the latest assault by the band.

Although the line-up is completely different than on their previous albums, Kenny Powell (Guitars) managed to keep the spirit of the band alive ... but still no match for the original. Kevin Goocher's vocal range definitely adds a new flavor to Omen and does J.D. Kimball's memory proud. I rocked out to every track on the album ... until I reached #9, "The Spectre Of Battles Past." This is a medley of such Omen classics as "Make Me Your King," "Dragon's Breath," "Die By The Blade" and "Nightmares". I personally think the CD could have done without this one.

Overall, the CD is a killer tribute to the old-school way of doing things. Melody, drive and darkness make Eternal Black Dawn a keeper for the true Metal enthusiast.

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