Eric Carr's 1980 Kiss Audition

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Band Name Eric Carr
Album Name Eric Carr's 1980 Kiss Audition
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum Mai 2006
Labels kein bekanntes Label
Musik GenreHard Rock
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Eric Carr's 1980 KISS Audition EP
Original Recording : 1980
Released : May, 2006
Total Time : 12:30
1. Torpedo Girl (2:56)
2. Shandi (3:25)
3. You Really Got Me (2:38)
4. The Cradle Will Rock (3:28)
musicians :
Track 1 and 2 : as recorded by KISS.
Track 3 and 4 : as recorded by Van Halen.
Eric Carr plays drums along the album versions of the songs listed above.
Eric Carr sings lead vocals along the album version of the song "Shandi".

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