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Band Name Charon (FIN)
Album Name Downhearted
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 2002
Labels Diehard Music
Musik GenreGothic Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen48


1. Bitter Joy
2. At the End of Our Day
3. Craving
4. Little Angel
5. Fall
6. Erase Me
7. Desire You
8. Come Tonight
9. All I Care Is Dying
10. Sister Misery
11. Sorrowsong

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Review @ Panzerjager

09 August 2011

Finnish Quality brand Gothic Metal

Finland is known for its Gothic Metal bands, to name a few: Sentenced, Entwine, The 69 Eyes, HIM and Charon. The last one made in 2002 one of their greatest albums, a crown jewel to their already consistent discography.

Charon has disbanded a few years ago, but their albums are still a reference in the genre and sought after. This band combines the Finnish feel for melodic compositions with steady guitar work and the powerful voice of Juha Pekka Leppaluoto. The singer later sang in the first Poisonblack album Escapexstacy and today he sings in the Power metal band Northern Kings. His voice is one of the trademarks of this bands. It is typical for Gothic Metal: dark, deep and yet very powerful.

Downhearted may seem a very standard Gothic metal album. All required elements are present, no explicit new elements are added or left behind. Boring? Think something else. This album keeps a healthy pace with interesting faster and slower parts. The musicians of Charon also show their skills: the guitars are spot on good. A good balance between melody, catchy riffs and supporting lines to Juha's vocals and the keyboards. The keyboards are well chosen, though very present. This may not please everybody, especially those new to Power or Gothic Metal. Especially during Little Angel and Erase Me the keyboards 'jump into the ear'.

The vocals are very strong and fit well to the music. The desire, lust, love and frustration come alive.

The thematics are like the overall sound quite standard to the genre: love, lust, desire... like I mentioned above. But this doesn't mean this annoys the listener. If the listener is open for this kind of thematics and music, it will work (bu this is the case for every genre of music).

I can say that this is a very good album. Strong and enjoyable music, perhaps a little predicable thematics and composition, yet brought in an undisguisable personal style. Sad this band disbanded because this means that we've lost another great Metal band. But keep the spirit high by listenin to their great achievements from the past.

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miniradman - 09 August 2011: You mentioned fast and slower parts, if this means that there are faster songs, what song is that fastest overall?

I'm not even close to being an expert on Gothic Metal, but meh, I'll give it a go ;)
miniradman - 10 August 2011: Ok, i'll give em a go ;)
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