Descent into Chaos

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Band Name Legion Of The Damned
Album Name Descent into Chaos
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 07 Januar 2011
Produced by
Recorded at Abyss Studio
Musik GenreDeath Thrash
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen95


1. Descent into Chaos
2. Night of the Sabbath
3. War Is in My Blood
4. Shrapnel Rain
5. Holy Blood, Holy War
6. Killzone
7. Lord of the Files
8. Desolation Empire
9. The Hand of Darkness
10. Repossessed
11. Legion of the Damned (ft. Peter Tägtgren)

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Review @ Demogorefest

07 Januar 2011

A great way to Descend into 2011

Legion of The Damned has long been one of my all time favorite bands, From their early stage Blackened Thrash era-sound when they were under the name Occult, to this newest release, they remain among the top-tier of metal bands in general.
Legion of the Damned's sound is very iconic, they definantly have a Slayer and early Sodom sound in them, but they incororporate many other elements of their own into their music, and Descend into Chaos follows the same structure that any LOTD fan has come to recognize. The album opens up with an intro track (Descend into Chaos) and then cuts into the first real track of the album: Night of The Sabbath, and just as i expected, it's nothing short of a Brutal, fast-paced, Pummeling Thrash metal onslaught. The next track, War in My Blood has the same feel to it as Night of the Sabbath does, my favorite song on the album (as of now, at least) is Shrapnel Rain, this song is a bit more Slower and chugging than Night of the Sabbath and War in My Blood. I've always been a fan of LOTD's slower songs (The Final Godsend, Feel the Blade, etc.) and Shrapnel Rain fits this bill perfectly.The Next 2 tracks get back up to the fast-paced thrashing that the album opened with, and both songs are great, Holy Blood, Holy War, and Killzone both have that LOTD sound that i can't get enough of.
What makes their sound so great to me is their incorporation of Thrash Metal breakdown riffs in most of their songs, and when i say "breakdowns" i don't mean the same type that'd be heard on a Suicide Silence or Bring me the Horizon song, there's more "effort" behind Legion of the Damned's style of Breakdown riffing (a perfect example of this can be found in the video for this review).
Descent into Chaos is another excellent piece of Blackened/Death Thrash Metal from one of the Netherland's finest examples of what Extreme metal is, though in comparison to LOTD's overall discography, i would say Feel the Blade and Malevolent Rapture are a small step above Descent into Chaos. Still, this album slays from start to finish and is definantly a great way to start off the new year.

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Mercenarion - 08 Januar 2011: I'm listening to the album now, and I must say, your review is dead on Demo.

Shrapnel Rain and Lord of the Flies are so awesome.
Demogorefest - 08 Januar 2011: Cool, glad you like em dude, the entire album is exactly what I expected from em. No surprises or sound changes, just brutal blackened/death thrash metal
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