Department of Correction - Strong Intention

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Band Name Department Of Correction
Album Name Department of Correction - Strong Intention
Type Split
Erscheinungsdatum 2013
Labels Power It Up
Musik GenreGrindcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen5


1. Caliwarnia
2. Bread of Life
3. Space Intruder
4. Roller Grinder
5. Poney Royal
6. Perifluid
7. Hey Monday ! What You Got ?
8. Horse Race of the Palio
9. King Size Bed and Mayonnaise
10. Mega Bisou
11. Moto Raid
12. Lord of the Back Ring
13. Supersized Cat
14. Silence the Laughter
15. Panic in Year Zero
16. Suffer the Cross
17. Reap
18. Freedom Is Slavery
19. The Carnivore
20. Messiah Whore
21. The Tipping Point
22. Without Conscience
23. Monuments of Shit
24. The Great Unraveling
25. Swing in the Wind
26. Lose the Enablers

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Department Of Correction