Death Then Nothing

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Band Name Armagedon (PL)
Album Name Death Then Nothing
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum Februar 2009
Musik GenreDeath Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen11


1. Death Then Nothing
2. Dead Code
3. Enemy
4. Blanket of Silence
5. Seeing Is Believing
6. Bed of Thorns
7. Father of Oblivion
8. Emptiness Beyond Believe
9. Betrayed
10. F… End

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Kommentar @ dranoel

08 Dezember 2010
ARMAGEDON play, celebrate and breathe Death Metal – dry as a bone, effective, diverting and with a cool sound they entertain with 10 steam hammer tracks full of technical class and penetrating power.

The band knows which way of composing attaches something outstanding to the tunes. To reach this goal, the Polish alliance enriches the music with apocalyptic keyboard sounds. This loosening stylistic device comes into operation only in the background unobtrusively.
Apart from that, the presentation enthuses throughout its dynamics and enthralling catchiness without cudgeling in dull manner. The guitar solos are mostly short and fit the songs’ structure perfectly. An obvious brownie point are the refrains, they are grunted in very dry style and hit the auditory canals unobtrusively; just listen to the title track Death Then Nothing, the direct hit Father Of Oblivion and the smart piece Seeing Is Believing. Last mentioned track is boosted by symphonic arrangements. ARMAGEDON could risk more experiments like this in my opinion! I think that the musicians operate without much risk and relay on their really diverting style. I have the impression that ARMAGEDON could be much more impressing, if they do not choose the easy way. The concluding song F… End with its throttled basis rhythm shows the right direction and marks a felicitous punch line.

Death Then Nothing will satisfy every Death Metal fan for sure, but I can’t stop thinking that the band could create outstanding compositions with more risk – ARMAGEDON possess the potential as sure as death!

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