Dance of Druids

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Band Name Fferyllt
Album Name Dance of Druids
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 09 Februar 2009
Musik GenrePagan Folk
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen37


1. A Celtic Tale 02:10
2. Night of the Woodgod 05:26
3. Following Skadi 04:20
4. Dance of Druids 05:09
5. Autumn's Gold 05:57
6. Warriors of Ireland 06:41
7. Jule 03:32
8. Winds of Trondheimsfjorden 04:06
9. Gjallarhorn 05:21
10. Lai Lai Hei (Ensiferum Cover) 07:30
11. Inis Mona (Eluveitie Cover) 04:43
Total playing time 54:55

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Kommentar @ Jannie

22 März 2009
Fferyllt – “Dance of Druids” (2009)

The band’s debut album includes 11 tracks. Format – CD (54:37). The spirit of the album became interesting and nice female vocals, atmospheric keyboards, and, of course, ethnic instruments – bagpipes, flutes, tin whistle, alto, and harp, performed by guest musicians from several countries.
The first track on the CD represents instrumental, which blends together guitar riffs, harp, played by Sonja Tavormina from SUADA, and bagpipe, performed by Vladimir Scherepovskiy from ARKONA. The composition ends against a background of tree rustling, crackling of a fire, and wind, and smoothly changes to second track – “Night of the Wood-God”. This is a full song with Russian lyrics, that includes also two kinds of vocals, flutes performed by Simon Muller (EXCELSIS), and Scottish smallpipe by V. Scherepovskiy. The lyrics describe ancient Celtic God, who is known as Cernuinn, or Cernunnos.
The next song is dedicated to Skadi – Scandinavian Goddess. It represent a ballad, that blends together slow melodic metal with ethnic-style female vocals, acoustic guitars, and bagpipes. The song ends with nice guitar solos.
Forth track is the heading track of the album – “Dance of Druids”. This is the song, based on Irish traditional tunes. On this track appears another guest musician – Diana Timoschenko (alto) from ONEYROS.
The next one, called “Autumn’s Gold”, is a song with nice lyrics about the autumn nature. It begins with keyboards and acoustic guitars performed by the leader of Fferyllt – Diarmaid. The female vocals by Astrid here seem more classic-like, but here are presented ethnic back-up vocalizing, that nobly matches with strings.
Another song of the CD is called “Warriors of Ireland”. It begins from the bagpipe intro, which changes into fast guitar riffs. Here are also presented two kind of vocals – grim-vocals and ethnic-style female vocals. There is a great bagpipe solo in the middle of the song, also performed by V. Scherepovskiy. The guitar solo is played in unison with keyboards, that increases the melody line.
The seventh song is called “Winds of Trondheimsfjorden”. There is sang about the Vikings’ campaign to foreign lands, their victory, and returning to their home in Norway. The vocal line is decorated with perfect back-up vocals, which add an special atmosphere to the song. Alto by D. Timoschenko sounds great in the middle and in the end of the song.
The next one is called “Yule” – another song from the CD with Russian lyrics. In spite of Russian language, there is also sang about the Vikings. On this track is presented another guest musician – Pablo Allen from SKILTRON, who has performed Great Highland Pipe parts.
Gjallarhorn” – the song that accomplishes the main part of the album. This is a song about Ragnarok – the final Battle, that brings death to old Gods, but also bears beginning of a new life. The arrangement of the song is filled with gloomy brass section. Rhythm section here sounds interesting, as well as the classic-like female vocals.
Another two tracks – “LAI LAI HEI” and “Inis Mona” are cover-versions of famous Ensiferum’s and Eluveitie’s songs. They are included into the album as a bounus-tracks.

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NerZhul - 07 April 2010: Excellent review! I just discovered this group and your review confirmed my opinion on this album! Very good mix of Celtic culture, Mythology and Folk music.
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