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Band Name Between The Buried And Me
Album Name Colors
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 18 September 2007
Produced by Jamie King
Musik GenreProgressive Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen141


1. Foam Born: (A): the Backtrack 02:15
2. Foam Born: (B): the Decade of Statues 05:21
3. Informal Gluttony 06:48
4. Sun of Nothing 10:58
5. Ants of the Sky 13:09
6. Prequel to the Sequel (ft. Adam Fisher of Fear Before The March Of Flames) 08:36
7. Viridian 02:52
8. White Walls 14:09
Total playing time 1:04:08

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Review @ JakeDaSnake

05 August 2011

Incredibly technical, brillianty mixed record has much to offer.

Between the Buried and Me is a progressive death metal band from North Carolina. The first time I heard that name, the first genre I thought of was screamo or metalcore. Then I heard their music, and it completely caught me off guard. This band is so unique, you could almost say that they make their own genre. Not a single release that they've come out with has disappointed me, and they never are too consistent, hence the progressive title.

Taking a look at the album, the first starts off with a really cool, noire themed piano intro, showing off the groups ability to start off smooth. Then, with a quick drum interlude, the heavy burst in, still sounding melodic, the band really flowing through the changes perfectly. Then comes the death metal. From then on the record constantly changes. The keyboards are almost always present, adding melody to the music while the guitars, bass, and drums play extremely technical parts throughout each song. The musicianship of this album blew me away. The bass never, and I really mean never, plays a simple running beat. He is all over the place. It's like if you took really complicated classical music, mixed it with metal, then added bits of folk, jazz, accordions, and weird show tune type music, and mixed it together. It sounds really wacky and difficult to follow, which makes it all the more pleasant to listen to.

The band definitely shows it's death metal side as well. In fact, they sound more brutal then some other death metal bands I know, constantly using harmonics and diminished chords to create that crazy, unsettling sound. This band can literally play anything they want. If I had to choose a favorite track off of this record, it would have to be ants of the sky, because it contains everything that makes Between the Buried and Me a huge pleasure to listen to. Technicality, melody, ferociousness, psychedelicness, keyboards, and their unique sound throughout.

I could go on and on about how great this album is, but in general, the album name sums it all up. This album has TONS of color in it's music, giving it so much feeling, and making it the special style it is. In other words, go buy it and listen. You'll see what I mean. 20/20

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Extrememetal - 05 August 2011: Great review. One of the best albums in my opinion
JakeDaSnake - 15 August 2011: Thanks
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Kommentar @ BTBAM100

18 Februar 2011

Best albums of 2007!

Between the Buried and Me, formed in Raleigh, North Carolina has proven that they are at the top of their game with the release of Colors. The creativity of this album is completely mind-blowing. An example of this amazing creativity is the song Ants of the Sky. Ants of the Sky has Between the Buried and Me standard wave of technical Progressive and Death Metal, but with 80's Metal guitar solos, progressive jazz, and country rodeo sections. Even know I can't stand country but I find that section in that song proves they are true and very talented musicians. Also, the almighty Prequel to the Sequel gives a swift kick in the nuts with the perfect blast beats and technical guitar riffs. In my opinion Blake Richardson is one of the most talented drummers in Metal history.

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