Carnival Cadavre

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Band Name Hackneyed
Album Name Carnival Cadavre
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 22 August 2011
Musik GenreDeath Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen19


1. Raze the Curtain!
2. Bugging for Mercy
3. Infinite Family
4. Damn (You're Dead Again)
5. Maculate Conception
6. Coulrophobia
7. Circus Coccus Spirilly
8. Magic Malignancy
9. Feed the Lions
10. Cure the Obscure
11. Holy Slapstick
12. Extra Terroristical
13. Standing Necrovation

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Review @ CLucker666

19 April 2012

Such a good theme to this album

Hackneyed is a pretty unique death metal band. I started listening to them several months ago and Carnival Cadavre is the album that stuck out the most to me by far. It just has the best riffs, and feel to it. I have several songs that stick out to me on this album so I will review some songs in particular.

First off, the vocals. This guy has a real gritty unique growl. He tends to stay more towards low pitched growls but sometimes lets out a shrieking pig squeel that is insanely high pitched. It is by far one of the best squeels I have ever heard. His vocals just fit perfectly in this band. He is definitely one of my primary interests in Hackneyed.

The intro song, Raise the Curtains starts out sounding kind of happy but then the circus guy talking starts sounding evil and saying will rip you limb from limb and it automatically sets the mood that this is going to be an intense death metal record that is ready to keep you listening, and it does just that. I really do not think I would like this album as much as I do if it had not started the album off with the amazing intro.

I am not a guitarist so I do not particularly pay attention to just the guitars as much as some do but in this album I really notice it. They stick out a lot in certain songs. My personal favorite is Magic Malignancy, Damn Your Dead Again, and Holy Slapstick. Listen to any of these songs and you will know what this band is all about. Crushing melodic death metal. This band actually has breakdowns which you do not find too commonly in death metal bands. The intro even is a breakdown. I think the way the use their breakdowns with their songs definitely keeps the flow of their music but it just gives a break from listening to riff after riff after riff. The outro track also starts off with a breakdown and some heavy low pitched growls with your occasional pig squeel. It goes on for alittle bit then throws in an average sounding riff. It is about 3 minutes of that and then about 2 minutes of silence which some bands do in their outros, I am not really sure why. After the silence it goes into a very peaceful acoustic part with the wind howling and is not what you would expect but it is really great.

MAgic Malignancy like I said earlier is my favorite song on the album. It starts off with a really cool background riff and gets louder and the vocals start and he growls pretty consistently throughout the song and it has a GREAT chorus which is mostly what attracted me to this song. I also love how he screams and the riffs play right as he is growling. It is kind of hard to explain but you will know what I mean once you listen. This song plays that background starting riff during the chorus and it is my favorite riff in the entire album. It is just so damn catchy and I have never heard anything like it.

Well Hackneyed is a great death metal album with so much talent. I can not wait for their next album! This band is a must listen for any death metal or extreme metal fan. I think I will give this album an 18/20. I will most likely purchase the album soon.

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