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Band Name Varg (GER-2)
Album Name Blutaar
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 22 Januar 2010
Produced by
Recorded at Stage One Studio
Musik GenrePagan Black
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen61


1. Wolfsmond
2. Viel Feind Viel Ehr
3. Invictus
4. Sieg oder Niedergang
5. Blutaar
6. Seele
7. Nebelleben
8. Zeichen der Zeit
9. Wilde Jagd
10. Alter Feind
11. Blutdienst II

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Review @ Demogorefest

09 Februar 2010
I have just discovered this band through this album, and to say the least, i have been blown away by it, i wasn't expecting the High sound quality that this album packs, or the ferocius, and relentless tone of the album.

It's very, very melodic, but not in the sense of Pianos and Clean vocals, it's melodic in the sense of epic Guitar riffs, and solos. and has fist-pumping appeal in every song. i'm a big fan of the Melodic Black genre, and this release is exactly what the Melodic bands should be incorporating in their sound. Varg vaguely remind me of Amon Amarth, except the vocals are far more "blackened" than Amon Amarth's style, but the guitar riffs and melodic solos are right on key with Amon Amarth's more recent albums such as "Twilight of the Thunder God", or "With Oden on our Side". they also seem to have a resemblance to Wolfchant, which is one of my favorite bands.

The first track on the album (not counting the intro, "Wolfsmond"), Viel Feind Viel Ehr, goes straight into the Melodies, and doesn't let up 'till the very end of the track. And every song on Blutaar really allows the listener to sink their teeth into the Meaty, Chugging, and epic riffs. i can't express the word "Melodic" enough when talking about this album.

To sum this album up, it is definantly a Melodic Black Masterpiece, and shouldn't be left off any Black Metal fan's radar. the only downside i have with this release is that i have no clue as to what they're singing about, since every track is in German, and i don't speak a single word of it, but that doesn't bog down my interest in the music itself, which is Masterful and Epic.

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Raina - 15 Februar 2010: Definetly agree with you on this one, it is an amazing album and I'm really looking forward on seeing them live too :)
Demogorefest - 15 Februar 2010: cool, wish i could see these guys live, i doubt they'd go on a tour here in the states though. they're definantly one of my new favorite bands.
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