Blood Seed

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Band Name Wolvserpent
Album Name Blood Seed
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 05 Oktober 2010
Labels 20 Buck Spin
Musik GenreDoom Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen4


Re-issued in May 2011 by Crucial Blast with a second CD which contains the MCD Gathering Stengths.
1. Silence Within 20:02
2. Spirit Walker 15:26
1. Wolv 22:10
2. Serpent 18:04
Total playing time 1:15:42

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Review @ GandhiEgo

24 März 2011

Interesting ideas with eerie moments but not entirely rapturous...

Comprised of Brittany McConnell and Blake Green, Wolvserpent, formerly known as Pussygutt, release their second record to date in 2010. The duet comes from Boise, Idaho which is more renowned for being the capital city of the American highest potato population than for its active Metal scene. Having traveled the roads of Idaho you’re either confronted with limitless fields of potatoes or graphic and yet melancholy and desolate scenery.

That melancholy and this despair would be a good enough reason for playing Doom Metal and Wolvserpent does use and abuse this doomy trademark. Now Blood Seed isn’t strictly speaking a Doom Metal record.

Made of only two lengthy tracks, the album is built into two distinct parts very different from one another. The first song, “Wolv”, offers fantastic sonic landscapes of grim beauty with the picturesque use of a languid violin. Idaho being quite close to Canada, maybe this will explain the striking similarity to Constellations figureheads’ A Silver Mt. Zion and their gloomy debut “He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…”. If you know the band or if the name Godspeed You! Black Emperor rings a bell, you'd also know that we're quite far from anything sounding Metal at all. Sure, the end of the song does bring some guitars and vocals but there isn’t much here that would really be qualified as Metal.

The second track, “Serpent”, actually picks up where “Wolv” ended but it goes much faster in less unknown territories with a good dose of Drone Doom with Funeral Doom elements reminiscent of bands like Bosque or Negative Reaction with a few “nature” touches (is that a wolf howling in the back?) that give it either a pagan or hippie feeling.

The only real issue with “drone-like” productions is the evident lack of variation within the songs and unless you’re built for that kind of things (because it is acquired taste), you’d soon lose focus and discard the record altogether. It’s common practice with such records to either call them pure awesome genius or simply trash them in the artsy gibberish pile of junk. I'd be more reserved finding good ideas in both tracks but maybe too great a disparity to really fall in love with the album as a piece of musical art.

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scrattt - 28 Oktober 2011: I just discovered the band yesterday night supporting Wolves In The Throne Room. In live it was amazing, (even if Blake Green spent all the show to arrange the samples, never beeing satisfied of how loud or low the sound was), a great moment of emotion and sadness, especially when Brittany played Wolv in violin.

But I am surprised to see the band beeing categorised as a Doom Metal band, I mean Wolvserpent would take more its influences from the Pagan Black Metal scene when you see the artwork of Bloodseed and Gathering Strengths and the traditionnal instruments throughout the album?
scrattt - 29 Oktober 2011: That's right, I remember the first thing I had thought when I eard them playing in the beginning was "Whow it's very sad and quietly as slow as a Doom tempo, I'm already in love with this band!!!".

But I'm definitively convinced that the nature touch as you say is the most important part of their music, despite of the Doom elements. Just a different point of view ;)
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