Blood Magick Necromance

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Band Name Belphegor (AUT)
Album Name Blood Magick Necromance
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 14 Januar 2011
Labels Nuclear Blast
Recorded at Abyss Studio
Musik GenreBlack Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen211


 In Blood - Devour This Sanctity
 Rise to Fall and Fall to Rise
 Blood Magick Necromance
 Discipline Through Punishment
 Angeli Mortis de Profundis
 Impaled Upon the Tongue of Sathan
 Possessed Burning Eyes
 Sado Messiah

Total playing time: 40:42

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Belphegor (AUT)

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Review @ Panzerjager

22 Januar 2011

Blasphemous, clever and refreshing

Belphegor,... the demon who made people discover things according to demonologists. But Belphegor is more known as the Austrian Black/Death metalband with an appetite for bloodshed, explicit and violent images and lightning fast tracks. With Blood Magick Necromance (BMN), belphegor shows that they still can make some good, blastbeat-filled metal but this time they decided to produce the album smarter, and they discovered that they can do more than just blastbeating.

Before even the first track was heard, the album stirred up quite some controversy by its cover art: a severely mutilated goat. Helmut himself stated that the cover has a meaning, but what I still don't know yet.
The first thing that is notable when listening to BMN, is its finer production than its predecessors. Belphegor worked during this album together with the same producer of Hypocrisy and Pain, resulting in a more serious and professional approach of the whole concept. Second highlight in this album is the length of the tracks: they last for an average of 5 minutes, what is quite long for what we're used from these Austrians.

Helmut and Serpenth did other 'un-Belphegor' things in this album. Where you were mowed down from your chair by the blastbeats and heavy shredding in their past albums, then offers this album a slightly more groovy approach. The familiar blastng and shredding remains but there is more melody and more groove than in Lucifer Incestus, for example. the title track has some Satyricon feel over it but it doesn't have to pay heavieness or speed for this. same can be heard in Discipline Through Punisment. But Belphegor didn't abandon their old ways: Impaled upon the Tongue of Satan and Sado Messiah hit the gas pedal seriously.
this album offers a nice trade-off between fast and somewhat slower.

However, there are some less positive points too. Belphegor is infamous by its voilent sexual lyrics but in this album they pushed that image even further. They made their 'visions' visual. The booklet you get in the CD or on iTunes is well, quite obscene, and certainly not fit for weakhearted or younger listeners. I'm used to violent images and not shocked. It does add a certain athmosphere to the album but certainly not everybody will think this. Personally I think helmut could come up with a slightly more discrete booklet. Same for the videoclip of Impaled upon the Tongue of Satan. Lyrically offers BNM nothing new: bloodshed, satanism and sex. So don't expect any soft lyrics but 40 minutes of raw bloodthirsty grunts.

To finish, I say that this is a good album that sounds better than its predecessors but the image and the lyrics are getting more and more extreme with every album. However if Belphegor keeps this well produced sound, we can expect more of these great albums.
I give it a 16/20: Musically very good with some new directions taken but the design and the somewhat repetitive thematics bothered me a bit.

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blackiss - 13 April 2011: Great review. I just bought the record today and my first impression is the quality of the sound that is it simply awesome, really big. The song are cool, catchy and very heavy, just the way i like it. There some very great stuff in this opus. Use with care.loll
Crinn - 19 September 2012: bloodshed, satanism, and sex aren't bad things, that's not something that I would point out as "less positive" points
Nysbanelmoughche - 19 September 2012: For me, this is the worst Belphegor album
BEASTtoCUT - 25 Juni 2013: For me, this is the best Belphegor album. Sometimes black, sometimes death and always good. I love the parts dark and entrainent, rythm melody rest in my head (exemple : Discipline Through Punishment). This album represent my first real accroche for this band and i know Belphegor since 'Blutsabbath' at my debut metal. My favorite cover artwork is The Last Supper (When i look this i have very hunger. Bye
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