Avalanche Of Worms

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Band Name Levi Werstler
Album Name Avalanche Of Worms
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 20 April 2010
Labels Magna Carta
Produced by Eyal Levi
Musik GenreProgressive Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen6


1. Noxious Vermin, My Friend
2. Dura Mater
3. Obsidian Fissure
4. Plague House
5. In Amethyst, Through Moldavite
6. Trellis Of Thorns
7. Hollow Thorax Of The Gilded Eye
8. Loathsome Little Fiend
9. Trepanation & Bliss
10. Architectural Necrosis
11. Casting The Molten Sea
12. Chrysalis Wound

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Review @ heavymetaltribune

13 Januar 2011

L/W brings to you what their whacky minds have conceived

Dååth recently released their latest full length album, the self titled "Dååth" in 2010, the same year that Levi / Werstler, the guitar wielding duo of the band released their instrumental masterpiece, Avalanche Of Worms, released under Magna Carta Records. Simply based on that fact alone you can almost know for sure that this release can't go wrong, having already released previous great albums from bands/artists like Michael Lee Firkins, Steve Morse and Tony Levin, though it certainly leaves one to wonder what this project is going to sound like.

While Dååth presents to listener with their most aggressive brand of death metal yet, L/W brings to you what their whacky minds have conceived. Getting over the equally whacky album name, Avalanche Of Worms, this duo brings to you what is not commonly heard on their death metal band. Of course, the heavy, down-tuned and chugging riffs are still present in the background, but the focus here are on the lead instruments, which take a different turn from what one is used to from their work with Dååth.

Noxious Vermin, My Friend sets the stage for L/W where they have an almost jazz-fusion-esque lead guitar line playing on top of a heavy-as-fuck riff. To give an example, just imagine Kiko Loureiro playing his stuff over a heavy-as-fuck backing rhythm section, somewhat like melodic death metal but having one (or both) of the guitars taking over as vocals. Certainly takes some getting used to initially, but injects something fresh into the saturated instrumental/progressive metal scene. Songs like Trellis of Thorns have an almost jazz-like feel to them, keeping things interesting and leaving the listener wondering about what happens next. There are even some slightly indie-like moments such as on Loathsome Little Friend and flamenco moments on Trepanation and Bliss, displaying their simply vast range of influences. The keyboards on this record also play a vital part at times, complementing the guitars as the lead instrument.

The album, in addition to the 2 main guys from Dååth, also includes Sean Reinert of Gordian Knot and Cynic fame on drums. His versatility is prominent and brings live to much of the songs with his whole range of influences, being able to quickly switch from simple rock beats into heavy double bass pedal fuelled beats.

Unlike most instrumental rock albums which falter from having too much focus on the main mastermind(s) of the project, L/W on the other hand seems to have struck a balance between all instruments, giving each member of the band their time to shine (how can they not, having someone of Sean Reinert's stature on board?), with the main and most notable exception being the bassist, with his mix almost being drowned out by every other instruments present on the record.

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