Area conflagration: German Hardcore 1993-2003

Liste der Bands Grindcore Flächenbrand Area conflagration: German Hardcore 1993-2003
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Band Name Flächenbrand
Album Name Area conflagration: German Hardcore 1993-2003
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 2003
Musik GenreGrindcore
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1. Let's Go Berserk!
2. The Way I See it
3. Renate Wallert
04. Thanx to Graue Zellen
5. Living-room Mosh-pit
6. Forced Down the Fucking Pills
7. Get in the Cattle-car
8. Looking Back on These Days
9. Have Fun
10. Time Will Tell
11. Te Stockwell Strangler
12. Whigger Cunt
13. Taste the Dim Mak
14. Marc Chapman the Hero
15. Hhh Part lll - the Final Solution
16. Wash your Hair
17. Bjorn Liebmann Bought a Charles Bronson-shirt Because H
18. Propagandhi Sucks!
19. Gay Misery
20. Flächenbrand-stomp
21. Bomb the Christopher Street Day-parade
22. Emo-fags Die!
23. The Ricardo Klement Memories
24. The Circe Pit
25. Utopia [Citizens Arrest]
26. Send the Infantry to Scheis Itzohoe
27. Youth Wars
28. The Hunt Goes on[hhh part ll]
29. Just Get Out
30. No One Can Be That Dumb[Larm]
31. Maybe Mario is a Genital Doctor
32. Butt-fuck
33. Strike!
34. I'm Not Gay [I'm a Woman]
35. Here We Are Nowhere [Stiff Little Fingers]
36. Stop Vivisection [We Need Them for Food]
37. To Drunk to Reign
38. I Saw Lauryn Hill Give Mumia Abu-James a Blow-job Before He Went to Be Gas-chamber
39. Drink, Fight and Fuck [GG Allin]
40. Volkermord
41. Overrunned by Communism
42. Pink Flamingos
43. Friendshi Comes...Friendship Goes
44. Raging in Hell [s.o.b.]
45. Buckweats
46. Power.Violence.Vontrol.
47. The Most Toxic Frog of Earth
48. Happy Hippo Hunting
49. Heroic Hong Kong Bloodshed
50. The Circe of Twillight
51. Die When You Die [Fucking GG Allin]

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