Apostles of Inexpression

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Band Name Vomit The Soul (ITA)
Album Name Apostles of Inexpression
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 28 Juli 2009
Musik GenreBrutal Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen30


1. Prototypes of Values Incarnation 03:21
2. Self Perception Veil 04:34
3. Extirpated from Absurdity 03:53
4. Overcrowd 03:24
5. Apostles of Inexpression 05:21
6. Unrecognized Elements Presence 03:55
7. Decay of an Inviolable Dogma 03:28
8. Inconsistent Delta 04:41
Total playing time 32:37

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Vomit The Soul (ITA)

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Review @ egane

31 August 2009
And one more integrating in UL family, the Italian Metal devotees
after Hour of Penance for a 2009 release. Enforce The Soul bring forward
a new great prowess for the title "Apostles of Expression" as third
commandment. Longer as interpretation, from the compositions that
emerged-- this album reminds to some bands, such as: old SAVIOR ENTITLED, APPEASEMENT and CEPHALIC FRAGRANT from the arrangements and type--
complex and taking infinity to raise infinite congruence austerely.
Experience is seemingly eminent by this band to form the self and as
proof it's definitely alike for the sound that set tremendously due the
full power and obviousness to cultivate a extraordinary strength . And from
the preparation before, where this album was proposed to be the one of
nomination albums for Ultimate Metal genre due the contents--music, artwork from Marco Harsman and the recording process in the 16th Cellarine studio, Rome -- the results are absolutely upon
the usual. And good grade for US to announce this band where the release is pure
fervour and enthusiasm to promotion. A cyclical acceleration for the
setting of arrangements which the rapidness are awful where is on
medieval, the kind. Really structured the temps in slow and speedy and
so balance for all songs. A technique to the perennial sanity of type
that is essential in Epical genre toward the riffs that created
with enthused keynotes for technical plays--special ability for the
one-stand to unite with short and long ultra-speeds, accurate double
drumming and predictable furrows. So forth the bass that embezzles with
the clanging sound--solos give the more strength for the context,
here the album is supposed as solid and superior. For the vocal
sessions, there is no flaw and perfect at curses in the utterance with
adding cricketing parts as following pouring from respiration. First song Prototypes of Values Incarnation, proper to start the vigour with the concise arrangement
to deliver the up-regulation-clever and picking riffs due the energetic
tones, predictable room is refracted to drum definitely to the
complete session. This is the way to maturity of the musical concept
from this band as the average of level in scene where the following
songs also created so neat, some are the fifth song as the album title- song  that arranged
spirit full and groove more as interludes with similarise of tones--attempted
to Virtual Xifoid trademark and digging full. And the seventh song Divine of an Inviolable Dogma with
formed lighter to the slow session that groove is discord- made to
pinching with short parts to speeds. At that and some songs the weight
is seemingly certain and hanging on, the one thing that must be in
thought by Arise The Soul to the next release. All vocal is difficult to the parts
revising to Billy Robinson nor Robbe Kokane as well from
taking the throat, high point for to do for Max with his exploration and make this album guttural much for more ethical themes. Willing to ascend but aggressiveness to austerity for exploding every
graceful place of hoping by this tremendous album, the dosage isn't mostly explicit to
explain. Get close to the gate of awareness that purveyed by this band
and more to acquaint the strong.

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Review @ Crinn

15 Juni 2012

One of the best records the brutal death genre has to offer.

I don’t know why I’ve procrastinated writing this review for so long because this is one of my favorite brutal death bands. Anyway, Italy’s Vomit the Soul (that’s right, ITALY!) has been one of the dominants of the European brutal death scene, with several labels eager to get the band on their roster. Vomit the Soul eventually released my favorite album of theirs, Apostles of Inexpression through an extremely well-known label called Unique Leader Records. They hardly need an introduction considering they’ve had/have bands such as Rings of Saturn, Decrepit Birth, Mortal Decay, Gorod, Fallujah, Psycroptic, Spawn of Possession, Vile, and Hour of Penance. Although Vomit the Soul ceased to exist last year, this album still deserves to be known because, well, it’s awesome!

I’m going to start with my favorite member, the vocalist. This guy can do some of the best pig squeals and inhaled vocals the brutal death genre has to offer. Just listen to any of the songs off the album and you will know what I’m talking about. Although he’s not screaming (like the Slaughterbox vocalist does), his vocals are fairly high-pitched and meaty. I will be one of the first supporters of the next band this guy either joins or starts. Also, the EXTREMELY razor-sharp sound of the guitars back up the vocals perfectly and without flaw. But, the bass isn’t going to stick out much unless you have a good set of speakers (not amazing, just better than average). This is true, but I also want to trick you into turning up your subs so you can be sure to hear the bomb-like bass booms that are let off at the start of some of the breakdowns.

I don’t even know where to start with this drummer. He’s amazing and is perfect for the style of music, that’s for sure. But I feel that there’s something (positive) about him that sets him apart from the majority of brutal death drummers….something that makes him one of the best. It could be his energetic style, his amazing footwork, his efficiency, I don’t know. He has a great talent for not overdoing the chaos in places where most other drummer wouldn’t be able to control themselves. By that I mean randomly hitting the toms and cymbals to create an excess burst of energy. The drummer has tons of technicality in what he plays, but he never makes unnecessary fills or blast beats.

The songs do differ from each other, but it would be hard to tell them apart if you’re not familiar with the brutal death genre and haven’t listened to it profusely. This is one of those albums where every song has the same juicy, brutal sound (which takes up the majority of the skeleton of each song) but also with its own unique trait that makes it easy to recognize. Other than that, awesome brutality for all!!

This is one of my favorite brutal death albums and I highly recommend that you pick it up at Unique Leader’s online store because I don’t know if this record has very many reprints left in its lifetime. I would give this album 19/20 for being amazing and…amazing. Pick up this shit before it disappears!

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