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Band Name Quorthon
Album Name Album
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 27 September 1994
Musik GenreThrash Heavy
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen41


1. No More and Never Again 03:37
2. Oh No No 06:00
3. Boy 08:47
4. Major Snooze 02:45
5. Too Little Much Too Late 04:00
6. Crack In My Mirror 06:42
7. Rain 05:50
8. Feather 05:49
9. Relief 05:46
10. Head Over Heels 06:03
Total playing time 55:19

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Review @ vikingman369

27 April 2011

While flawed, Album hits hard enough to be kick-ass.

In the middle nineties, our favorite Swedish musician, Tomas "Quorthon" Forsberg of pioneering metal band Bathory, returned with...a grunge-rock Album? That is correct, the one who created The Return, the most evil Album of all time, accidentally came up with the sound that would be the 90s-wave of black metal and created the sub-genre of viking metal, made a grunge-rock Album; appropriately entitled Album.

Opening tracks need to be powerful, because therein lies the bait which will either catch or bore the listener. Fortunately, "No More and Never Again" catches attention with the sweet-ass main riff and Quorthon's enjoyably profane lyrics (I don't think we can use an excerpt of those lyrics on here, they're so "risque"). And yes, we see plenty more of our hero's great shredding talent.

Afterwards, Album takes off with as much power as any good grunge band can be expected to deliver. "Boy" is this Album's epic-piece, clocking in at eight minutes and forty-seven seconds, "Major Snooze" is another example of major riffage, as is "Crack In My Mirror", and there is even a little bit of a Black Label Society-sound to the solo of "Head Over Heels."

What this Album lacks is a general feel of difference. Most of the tracks feel and or sound very much the same, with few exceptions. Once again, the quality of this Album is close to that featured in Twilight of the Gods: though not picture-perfect, its a far-cry from Bathory's first three Albums.

Where this Album really wins is in show-casing Quorthon's skill as a shredder. Every Single track has a guitar solo - or, in the case of "Oh No No", multiple guitar solos. As one who considers guitar soloing the greatest achievement of a guitarist's skill, this shows that Quorthon was not just a good lyricist and a pioneer of musical styles, but damn good at his art as well.

While flawed, Album hits hard enough to be kick-ass. It is a testament to Quorthon's skill, that he could play whatever he put his mind to doing, even "thrashy" grunge rock.

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hack - 27 April 2011: I'll have to check this album out. I like grunge.
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