2 Minuta Dreka - Anal Mayonnaise

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Band Name 2 Minuta Dreka
Album Name 2 Minuta Dreka - Anal Mayonnaise
Type Split
Erscheinungsdatum 2005
Musik GenrePorno Gore Grind
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen3


1. Trust in My Cock
2. Dildoman
3. Dope Is Your Hope
4. Gonorrhea in Those Days
5. Being a Professor in a Female High School for Deformed Freaks
6. Your Love is Like Your Mouth: Full of Cum
7. Mutilated, Tied and Fuked
8. Deep Throating My Crap
9. Cockney Spears
10. I Sent Pieces of Your Body to Your Boyfriend
11. Obsessive Self Pleasure
12. Josef Mengele Was a Good Pediatric Doctor
13. Cumload Bazooka
14. Ausborra Snow
15. Your Juicy Pussy Early in the Morning
16. Some Friends of Mine Have Given to me a Fake Cunt as Birthday Gift, But I Borken Off it in 4 Days
17. Cannibal Homocaust 18.Beating You During a Dysmenorrhoea Attak
19. Beautiful Nun, Beautiful Slut
20. Penis Colada
21. If I Were You I Would Use Heroine
22. Bloodsplattered Lesbian Nuns
23. Fatty, Slutty and Horny
24. Greetings From Sodoma
25. Killing Your Family Starting From Your 11yo Sister
26. No Hope For True Fuckers
27. Vaginal Carcinoma
28. Reading Terror Into Your Eyes
29. Eyes Cavities Fucking
30. Noisecore is for Real Men Only
31. Anorexic Whores Are Cheap
32. I Hope You Get Tits Cancer
33. Smegmaflakes
34. Smoking Hard Driving a Bus Full of Retards
35. Girls Just Wanna Be Reaped
36. Mucose Infection
37. Bulimic Sex
38. 24 hours Erection
39. Spreading Terror by Poisoned Sperm
40. 69 + 90 = Fun
41. Puzzle Flesh Girl
42. Crazy Midget Kills for Fun
43. Your Wife Needs More Cock? Just Call Us
44. Torture Is Fashon
45. Homophobic Phobia
46. Sex Is My Drug, Drug Is My Sex
47. Thai, Cheap Massage on My Hard Dick
48. Bands with "Anal" Before a Word Are Losers
49. Super Size Pleasure Cannon
50. You Get AIDS from John Holems
51. Gunshot (Cumshot)
52. Infinite Series of Vaginal Farts
53. Fat Whores Need Fat Cocks
54. Knife Deep in Her Pussy
55. Your Ass Is So Nice and Your Shit Is So Delicious
56. Let the Animals Free, Free to Be Fucked
57. Do You Like GOREange Juice?
58. Big Plastic Scrotum
59. Your Hair Smells of Dick
60. Masturbating by a Little Female Mouse
61. Circle Jerks Makes to Feel You Important
62. Vaginal Grave
63. Armless/Legless Innocent Bitch
64. Kock Klux Klan
65. Ninpho Blind Girl
66. Fucking Your Mongoloid Daughter for Cash
67. Kissing Your Dirty Underage Feet
68. Brainsplatter Monkey Fist Fuck
69. I Get Genital Infection Fucking with Dirty CrustPunk Girls
70. Banned from the Night Club for Molestig a Bitch
71. Fighting for People Rights Is Useless Like a Broke Condom
72. Islam Napalm Solution
73. My Cock Full of Love for You
74. Slutty Boop
75. I Love the Smell of Your Cunt in the Morning
76. Submission is Not Enough
77. Giant Sizes for Giant Sluts
78. Fecal Breakfast
79. Blondie or Brunette, I Like Them Fat
80. I Called My Female Pig "Vagina"
81. Negative Ass a Way of Life
82. Eat My Poo Poo
83. Welcome to Gomorrha
84. The Worst Movie in the World is "Philadelphia"
85. Your Sin Is to Breath
86. Pregnant Sex Doll
87. The Noise of Your Ass
88. The Noise of Your Cunt
89. The Noise of Your Mouth
90. Sexual Asphyxia
91. 69 Dicks Monster
92. Beating Your Pretty Face With My Hard Dick
93. I'd Like to Have Cicciolina as My Life Nurse
94. My E-mail is Ratkomladic@tiscali.it so Send Me Your Naked Sister's Pics
95. Hairy Cunt on a Bald Head
96. Jesu's Paradise Is to Fuck His Mother
97. Sick Brain, Sick Cock
98. Pay a Whore, Fuck Her, Kill Her and Eat Her as Dinner
99. Say Me "Lick My Feet Now!" Please
100. I've Written 100 Song Titles and You've Read All of Them, Who Is The Most Retarded?
101. Poisoned Condom
102. Hate Wins Frustration (When Hate Is True)
103. Vaginal Mayonnaise
104. Dead Orgasm
Tracks from 105 to 208 (All Songs Are Without Titles).

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