New album and streaming for Kanashimi (Black Metal - Japan)

礼拜天 01 四月 2018 - 08:54:19 by ScholomanceWebzine

The Japanese one-man DSBM project KANASHIMI's sophomore album "INORI" is now released. Following the 2010 EP "In The Tears", the new album remains the same genre by adopting more Japanese-style popular sounding tunes. Melodic and touching, yet tortured with pain. This is some unique composition delivered by the one and only KANASHIMI.


Kanashimi (悲しみ) is Japanese for ''sorrow'' or ''sadness'' and "Inori" (祈り) is a Japanese word meaning "prayer", and is occasionally used as a girl's name in Japanese.


Tracklist :

1. Scar of heart

2. Tomurai

3. Lost Soul

4. In My Tears

5. Nostalgia


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