Funeral Inconscientemente Natural : Voyageur, the new album

礼拜二 18 二月 2020 - 13:33:46 by F_I_N

Voyageur, our second Full Length and the first one in 10 years is here to celebrate our 13th year of existence. 

It's a very special and personal album; a travel into the heart of Europe and South America trough all this years. Here you can listen a mix of emotions, feelings, moods and sentiments collected from Madrid, Santiago of Chile, Brussels, Charleroi, Namur, Valladolid, Bogota, Cali, Cordoba, Buenos Aires, La Plata, Montevideo, Lyon and Paris. 

Hope this sound can bring you a moment of reflection and some surprises.

Listen here:


Source : Official Facebook Fanpage