Abominable Putridity Signs To Brutal Bands

礼拜三 22 十二月 2010 - 16:45:47 by BLACKWATER

Russian heavy machine Abominable Putridity has just signed a
multiple album contract with Brutal Bands. After the release of "In The
End Of Human Existence" through Lacerated Enemy Records, the band
decided to move forward with a contract with Brutal Bands. The first
release will be a re-release of "In The End Of Human Existence." This
release will feature new cover art, layout, shirts, and package deals.
Look for their next release, which is already in development, for 2009.
Scott Ellingboe of Brutal Bands adds: "After working things out with
Lacerated Enemy Records, I'm excited to have Abominable Putridity
onboard with us now. I've watched this band develop quite a fanbase in
a very short time with their first release. Although "In The End Of
Human Exsistence" will be a re-release, I believe we will have many
distribution opportunities for it, along with their next full length
due in 2009."