Blood Of The Power Tour

the 礼拜五 23 十一月 2012, Empire

The Vomiting Dinosaurs

Brutal death trio The Vomiting Dinosaurs was the second local band of the night to take the Empire stage. At first, not too many people crowded up at the front of the stage, since they are not very well known. However, the second the trio started to ravage the audience with brutal grooves and rapid-fire metal onslaughts, people really started to bang their heads. Their grisly music was so fitting with the gruesome nature of the touring bands that it engaged much of the audience. On top of that, it really seemed that the band was having a lot of fun playing onstage as well. While there was not too much movement, it looked very obvious that the band had a great time in their gig. This energy passed on to the pleasantly surprised audience, making way for a memorable performance. The musicianship was great, and the band's enthusiasm, particularly the drummer's, was top-notch. Hopefully, they will return soon.

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rodneystewart - 15 十月 2019:

Awesome performance last night.  You get better every time we see you.  honkai

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SaintOtis12 - 07 八月 2023:

great performance, I love their style.  Minesweeper



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The Vomiting Dinosaurs

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