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传记 : Unlit Face

The story begins in April 2009. After deciding to leave their former band Hate Liberation, the singer Rafael Basso and bassist Jimmy Lindeman formed Unlit Face. The guitarist Ralph Karam joined subsequently and the drummer Roberto Sánchez a little while after the first drummer Rob Degén left.

The first demo entitled “My Seasons” was released late 2009 and received very good reviews from the press. It was unanimous that the band has a very strong identity and almost all the reviewers had a hard time to classify the band in a sub-genre of metal. The style can only be described as heavy, melodic, dark and diverse.

The new EP “Your Truth Lies” brings the band to the next level, with 5 songs even more diverse than the demo. Every song shows a different facet of the band, with layers intertwining melody with heaviness. The changes in the line-up, with Roberto joining for the drums and Rafael back in the guitars, added even more weight to the sound. The production was carried out by Victor Hugo Targino and the artwork by the renowned artist Gustavo Sazes.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/unlitface