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传记 : Saol

Saol started in 2007 under the short lived moniker Cradle. It was then changed to Saol meaning "Life" in Irish.

A first demo was written and recorded but not released on completion. It was later released by Rotting Grave Distribution. Very soon after Eerie Isolation, Saol's second demo was written and recorded. This was self-released.

A split with Hollands Hypomanie will be released in the short future. Theres are plans for a 5 way split. Confirmed bands are Manegarm, Ancestral and Saol. After that split, there will be a Saol full length which is untitled at the current moment.

Saol draws influences from everyday life to vast nature landscapes, from nihilism to human happiness. The lyrical style is based on the mood of Saol when the material is being written. There are no plans to release lyrics at this stage.