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Resurrected - brutal group of German city of Duisburg , North Rhine- Westphalia , next to Düsseldorf, formed in late 1993 , and its founders are brothers Scholz - Carsten and Michael, and guitarist Thomas Granzow. Prior to 1996, the band released three demos . The first of these , "Darkside of Reality", released in 1994 . In 1995, the label Nonr is the second demo , "Sinner Of An Unable God", which included four songs . And in 1996 he published "The Lament Configuration".

After the release of the last demo the band signed with Underground Promotion, and in 1997, comes in light of a new demo called "Rising Of The Dead, Promo" - it included only two songs . In December of the same year on the same label released their first mini- album titled "Bloodline". Soon the group drew the attention of German record label Eaststar Records, with whom they contract for three full-length albums . The following 1998, the band recorded their first full-length album "Raping Whores", which comes out in December.

The album received good reviews in the German press , and the band has gained an excellent reputation based death metal band . However, it soon started to have problems with the label Eaststar Records, mainly related to financial distributions. Without thinking twice, in the summer of 1999 the band signed a contract with a German label - Perverted Taste. Because of Ressurected and Perverted Taste reissue debut album on CD. The next album , "Faireless To The Flesh", released in January 2000 , after which the band went on tour in Europe , in which is involved in several major festivals, including the Milwaukee Metal Fest XIV ( USA).

The new album , "Butchered in Excrement", released in October 2001 by Perverted Taste Music. Due to the high and positive reviews in the international press metal band started work on their next full-length album, called "Blood Spilled". And the album was recorded as a big step for the Resurrected, because the work was recorded in Rotterdam in the legendary studio Excess (Sinister, After Forever , etc.). Recording took place under the direction of engineer Hans Pieters, through which the sound on this album turned out just devastating.

Reviews of the album ahead of its predecessor, and after performances at various festivals such as the Party-San Open Air and NRW Deathfest, in 2006, the band released their first official DVD "Stillborn Penetration". In addition , during this time as part of the team has changed : at the end of 2004 to the Resurrected joined by a new bassist Ben Bays, after his older brother Stefan Bays leaving the music business . In 2005, the band once again focus on writing new songs for their fifth full-length album "Endless Sea Of Loss".

Soon the band parted ways with the label Perverted Taste and begins to search for a new partner. Soon the guys sign a contract with the cult German label Morbid Records. However, shortly before the recording left the band drummer Michael Sholz, citing poor health and personal circumstances . In his place was invited Adriano Ricci (Grind Inc., Night In Gales), which was Resurrected session drummer during the recording of "Endless Sea Of Loss".

Recording drum tracks runs on its own studio team Catacomb Recordings. Record of the remaining instruments and vocals performed by the legendary studio Soundlodge Recordings in Germany. Album comes out in October 2006 . For the cover art is taken Juanjo Castellano - the same artist who designed the cover for the album "Blood Spilled". Soon, the team comes and a new permanent drummer Hazim Fouad.

Hazim Fouad came to the Resurrected from thrashers Skullbreaker. With this talented group goes touring drummer , and in late 2009 on a new label Metal Age Production released full-length album "Fierce". And two years later , in September of 2012, on Godeater Records released a new mini -album, "Morbus". In the same year, there are changes in the structure: go Hazim Fouad drummer and vocalist Carsten Scholz, and in their place were invited Dennis Thiele and Christoph Mieves respectively.

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