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传记 : Mutilator (BRA)

Mutilator was one of the most representative bands of the Brazilian Heavy Metal scene in the 80's and 90's. Originally formed in: Brazil (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais) 1985.

The band released only two LPs, but these two albums are still
considered true references for all who listen to heavy music in the world.

The band started out in 1985, using the name Desaster. When Sílvio SDN came in, they renamed the band as Mutilator. The first demo was recorded, and it took them to the Warfare Noise I compilation, released in 1986, which also featured the bands Chakal, Sarcófago and Holocausto. This was a very important compilation for the promotion of the Heavy Metal scene of the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, who had already yielded such bands as Sepultura and Overdose.

In 1987, Sílvio SDN left the band. The band then recorded its first LP, “Immortal Force”, in which they produced a vigorous Death/Thrash Metal, deeply influenced by Slayer, Possessed and Bathory.
The album has been released for the first time in CD format, fully remastered,and contains new artwork and the songs from the band's first demo,previously released only in the LP “Lost Tapes of Cogumelo”, in 1990.

In 1988, the band recorded the LP “Into the Strange”, with a
different line-up, which headed towards the Thrash Metal style.
This album has just been released, in the CD format, in the Cogumelo Remaster series.

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