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传记 : Mithotyn

Mithotyn was formed in August 1992 by Christian Schütz and Stefan Weinerhall under the name Cerberus. In February 1993 they changed their name into Mithotyn. During the summer of 93 Schütz and Weinerhall was joined by Karsten and Karl. After the recording of their first demo "Behold the Shields of Gold" in May 1994 Helene joined the band. Two months later the bands recorded a promo called "Meadow Of Silence". In November 1994 Schütz left the band and was replaced with Rickard. In April 1995 they recorded their third demo named "Nidhogg". After this demo Helene left the band due to different musical opinions. This time the band attracted the attention of some record companies but since the offers weren´t good enough the band decided to reject them and record a new demo called "Promo 96". This time they were offered deals from new companies and decided to go with the Invasion label. In April 1997 they released their debut entitled "In the Sign of the Ravens". During 1997 the band composed new songs and in November they entered Los Angered Studios outside Gothenburg to record their second album called "King of the Distant Forest" together with well-known producer Andy LaRoque. The band released their third album "Gathered Around the Oaken Table" in 1999 and after that the band broke up.

Taken from www.tartareandesire.com