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传记 : Delayed Action Bomb

Delayed Action Bomb (his acronym = DAB) was formed in April of 1990.

A demo called End Of time appeared the next january and followed by August of 1991's Massacre Tour. The next january brought the Power Of Hate demo and another tour called Blasphemous.

The next demo was called Alice In Horror Land and released in the USA by Wild Rags. The fourth demo was called Abyssus Abyssum Invocat and featured a song written by Entombed's Lars Rosenberg.

The band appeared on several samplers and signed to Danger records which released the debut in the winter of 1995. The Stormbringers Campaign preceded the release across Europe and lasted three weeks.

Following a three song tape, the band moved to Thunder Records and toured Europe again. The band played thrash with a death metal edge.

Source : http://www.metallian.com/dab.htm