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传记 : Dagor Dagorath

2003- Dagor Dagorath band was founded by Vorog (guitar/lead vocal), Getman Azach (keyboards/back vocal) Mizgir (bass guitar). After the half year work with the material, the band plays its first live-gig, where DD get to know with "Psychopatia Sexualis", who joins as a drummer. The band makes more performances together with the different bands.

2004/2005-Two members of the band join the army, and the artistic life of DD is a little bit frozen. Nevertheless the band records their demo-album "Times of Distress" and continues making live performances.

2006- "Psychopatia Sexualis" leaves DD for some personal reasons. The band begins to work on creating of the new songs.

2007-After returning from the army, all the members finish with the material and in august start recording the songs for their debut-album. "Psychopatia Sexualis" takes part in this process as session-musician.

2008-DD finish the recording of the debut-album "Yetzer Ha'Ra". In march the band is supplemented with Larion (lead vocal). At the moment Dagor Dagoratyh is actively searching for the Label and preparing for the shows.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/dagordagorath