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传记 : Antalgia

Influenced by progressive, symphonic and death melodic metal bands, Antalgia was founded in late 2008 after the musical worries of Igna Jover.

Antalgia's first demo "Persuasion" was to be released November 2009, but the difficulty of finding committed musicians delayed the recordings until May 2010.
The full versions of their music have been released on their website for free downloading.
It contains three original progmetal songs that were mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox.

The band is thrown to the stage in early 2010 having a very good reception from the audience.

After several lineup changes, that delayed the group to go ahead in 2010, the band was consolidated in early 2011 with the additions of Carlos Falomir (bass), Bella Dianez (vocals) and Xavi Sanchez (keyboards).

In March 2011 they started to record they first album called "Perception Of Reality" in their own recording studio.

Source : www.facebook.com/antalgia