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传记 : Akma

From the depths of Parkumäki, rises a mean and fast beast that goes by the name of Akma. They have been evolving for almost a decade searching and developing their own sound that combines fast riffs, murderous drumming and fierce vocals with the sad melody of keyboards. The focus of Akma is purely to entertain and to give the crowd a savage show everytime they perform. During the years they've recorded several demos and gone through line up changes. Otto Eräjoki and Jaakko Saarela (both nowadays playing in Disare) have had their part in the bands history.

Akma is currently preparing for the recording and release of their first album "The Manifest" that is expected be released in the spring of 2009. The new album is expected to be more violent, faster and deadlier than anything they've recorded before.

In 2008 Paaso started his studies to become an architect and is currently on a hiatus from the band.

Source : akmaband.net/band.html