John Gallagher

姓名 John Gallagher
Birth date 未知
国家 USA

Dying Fetus

1991 1993 The Band's Page

Suffocation (USA)

2013 2013 The Band's Page

John Gallagher is the singer/guitarist for Maryland death metal band Dying Fetus. He is the only member who has been in the band since Dying Fetus' formation in 1991. His vocals are distinct among other guttural singers due to his use of extremely-low, burp-like growls.

John Gallagher is credited with keeping Dying Fetus alive. When, in 2001, the other members either quit or were fired, it was Gallagher that held auditions and brought in new players. Most recently, he has brought into the band drummer Trey Williams. Because of his dedication at finding new members in case they leave, he can be described as the "Tony Iommi of Dying Fetus