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Band Name Neverworld
Album Name Welcome to...
Type EP
发布日期 2010
出版公司 Dreamdemon Recordings
音乐风格Progressive Heavy


1. They Live (We Sleep)
2. Into the Heart of Chaos
3. This Fire

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评阅 @ darknessguide

11 一月 2011

A remarkable bright effort, screaming for adoration. These newcomers are here to stay!

Neverworld is a fairly new band that aims for the hearts and souls of heavy metal maniacs - these guys literally just formed the group in 2009; something that’s utterly surprising, having their first recorded tracks in consideration. As stated in the press info sheet, every band member contributes greatly to the songs which eventually turned into their first EP, "Welcome to..." For once, it's not just an advertising campaign - the guys Neverworld sure know some MUSIC and they make use of both their influential roots and skills in order to forge out a promising EP.

"They Live (We Sleep)" kicks out in a traditional progressive heavy metal way, now and then reaching for the power metal horizon. Thanks to a solid riff base and uplifted tempo which is diverted greatly by the keyboard passages, the song stands out with the high-pitched vocals of the singer Ben Colton, who also joins the guitar section every now and then. Reminiscent of old school heavy metal diamonds, the song is a perfect example of how to make a solid first impression.
"Into the Heart of Chaos" stirs the water and provokes more tension with a speed-like rhythm section staccato, once again marked by the overall heavy sound. Despite Neverworld stands firmly in the eye of their own creative storm, they never hesitate to use different elements - be they powerful melodies, progressive constructions or beautifully prolonged solo passages, something not that characteristic of the nowadays newcomers. The second half of the song is marked by a technical guitar/keyboard solo duet with a reference to the golden age of heavy metal music that's bound to be liked by any fans of the style in general.
"This Fire" is the final and respectively the longest song of all three. Starting with a light keyboard passage that twists and turns under the sound of firm riffs, it passes through several transmutations - from mid-tempo hard rock moments through fastened power metal beats with lots of vocal experiments; all that enriched by the outstanding keys of Mike Vaughan and the string duo of the guitarists. A remarkable curtain fall for a bright effort, almost screaming for adoration.

Regardless of the genre - heavy, power, progressive, neoclassical - you name it, Neverworld just made their first serious application, most worthy to occupy the attention fans of metal and rock music. Never unnecessarily pretentious or indifferent, the songs from their first EP are solid enough (and even beyond) to demonstrate that these musicians are definitely up to something good and they attempt to do it with lots of ambition, masterful skills and a high-class style.

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