Walk with Me in Hell (DVD)

乐队列表 Metalcore Lamb Of God Walk with Me in Hell (DVD)
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Band Name Lamb Of God
Album Name Walk with Me in Hell (DVD)
Type Video
发布日期 01 七月 2008
出版公司 Roadrunner Records
制作人 Josh Wilbur


1. Setup to Fail (The Unholy Alliance tour)
2. Playing the Game (Sacrament release day)
3. The Be All, End All (Megadeth tour)
4. A One Eighty Shift (Japan)
5. Speed Boats and Koalas (Australia)
6. It's a Travesty (The Unholy Alliance Europe)
7. Summon the Devil (Conan & The Grammies)
8. Better Than Nascar (US Headline tour)
9. They Got a Bar Here? (Return to Australia)
10. As Foreign as It Gets (Return to Japan)
11. Payoff? (European festivals)
12. Big Shoes to Fill (Ozzfest)
13. Crickets (Heaven and Hell UK)
14. Time Served (Arena Headline tour)
15. Redneck (from the Unholy Alliance US)
16. Again We Rise (from the Megadeth tour)
17. Walk with Me in Hell (from the Unholy Alliance Europe)
18. Now You've Got Something to Die for (from European festivals)
19. Blacken the Cursed Sun (from Ozzfest)
20. Pathetic (from the Arena Headline tour)
1. The Making of Sacrament
Live at Download Festival
2. Laid to Rest
3. Again We Rise
4. Walk with Me in Hell
5. Pathetic
6. Now You've Got Something to Die for
7. Blacken the Cursed Sun
8. Redneck
9. Black Label
Deleted Scenes
9. Japan
10. Australia
11. United States
12. Europe
13. "Redneck" Music Video
14. Behind the scenes of the "Redneck" music video shoot