Video Steele

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Band Name Chrissy Steele
Album Name Video Steele
Type Video
发布日期 06 十一月 1991
出版公司 Chrysalis Records
音乐风格Hard Rock


Recorded live at the Cat Club, New-York City, New-York, United States, 06/11/1991
1. Murder in the First Degree
2. King of Hearts
3. Armed and Dangerous
4. Cry Myself to Sleep
5. Magnet to Steel
6. Love You 'Til It Hurts
7. Love Don't Last Forever
8. Love Don't Last Forever (Videoclip)
9. Love You 'Til It Hurts (Videoclip)
10. Alone (Heart Cover) (Videoclip)
11. Love Don't Last Forever #2 (Videoclip)

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